If you've experienced...

1) The need to prove yourself

2) Unworthiness

3) Not feeling valued

4) Feeling taken advantage of

5) Body shaming

6) Made to feel guilty

7) The constant need to do something

8) Feeling unproductive if you don't finish everything

9) Feel like rest is a luxury not available to you

10) Can't fully be you or express your true self

11) Don't show or share your true emotions

12) Not listening or trusting yourself

You have experienced the patriarchy.

The disconnection between the masculine and the feminine.

It's Been Passed Down For Generations

If you look closely at the list above most of what you have experienced may have been from outside sources - school, church, sports, co-workers, family, friends, spouse, and others. Yet if you look at the list again, you may be able to see how you do some of this to yourself. Take Guilt for example... how many times do you feel guilty? Is someone else telling you to feel guilty? In many cases no. It's just what you know. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Because we have been conditioned to. It's possible you are one of many woman who have been conditioned to treat yourself this way. If you do it to yourself the patriarchy has done its job.

I found struggling with ever item listed above. On my healing journey I have healed all of these items in one way or another. Yet, there are still times they come up. There is no shame, blame, or guilt towards anyone. This is a system. A system in need of healing and the healing happens from the inside out.

The patriarchy has been passed down from generation to generation. It's time to heal from the patriarchy. It's time to free yourself of these old beliefs and programming that keep you stuck in criticism and never enoughness, and questioning yourself, your power, your value, and your worth.

It's time for love. It's time for you!

The Patriarchy at Work
The Patriarchy at Work

Have you ever felt you have to prove yourself or take on more at work to be worth the money they pay you? Do you overwork and find yourself burned out? Do you ever question your value? Or not ask for the promotion or raise you deserve? Have you identified as A-Type, or overachiever, or a hard worker?

The Patriarchy At Home

Do you feel like you have to do everything on your own? Sure your spouse helps but it feels like you take on the majority of the house work? The bills, groceries, taxes, doctors appointments, meals, laundry, cleaning (or straitening) and more? Does this strain your relationships and cause resentment and tension in your home?

The Patriarchy Within You

Do you find yourself doubting yourself or your capabilities? Do you criticize yourself over the littlest things? Do you feel responsible for others feelings? Are you in your head thinking about what needs to get done? Do you shove your true emotions down and just say I'm fine even when you are not? Are you truly doing what you love?

Your Path To Healing

This course was designed to support you as you become aware of the patriarchy, recognize how it impacts your life, and guides you to heal from the patriarchy so you can build a deeper relationship with yourself.

If you're ready for more self-love, self-trust, self-confidence, and to feel better in your body then this course is for you.

You are wise beyond measure it is time to tap into your unlimited potential within. You are the only one who knows what you need. It's time to start reconnecting to you!

Ready To Heal From The Patriarchy?

Ready for results that matter?

"Jessica's workshop provided knowledge and tools to help me work through my own limiting beliefs. The unique thing about Jessica is that while she does teach mindfulness and other holistic methods to promote personal growth, she also realizes that some of her students are unfamiliar with these concepts. She somehow knows when to turn on her "engineer brain" to explain theories to us in a way that is easier to understand."

-Marquita B.