The Reconnect to YourSelf Digital Course

Is designed to be your first step in the journey in Rediscovering You! Have you tried stress management tools but they just don’t seem to work? Me too. It seemed like I tried them all and I still found myself overwhelmed with everything going on in life. After years of healing, I discovered I was disconnected from my Self.

In this digital course, you learn the symptoms of disconnection from yourself, and strategies and tools to reconnect to your true Self so you can start living a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Remembering You

In Module 1 of this course you will be guided back to your true Self, feeling love, compassion, and peace.

Understanding The Disconnection

In Modules 2 and 3 you will uncover the symptoms keeping you disconnected from You!

Strategies and Tools

In Module 4, you will gain the insight to work through symptoms of disconnection with tools designed to bring you back to your true self.

Course Details:

  • This course is designed with 4 self paced digital modules in ~15 minute bite size chunks to support your busy schedule

  • Guided Visualizations are included throughout the course for you to listen to when life gets to be too much 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping supporting documents and videos to help you with control, resentment, and more.

  • Bonus content is sprinkled throughout the modules to help you with guilt, self-criticism, stress, and overwhelming emotions.

  • Bonus meditation to support your mental, emotional, and physical well-being

Testimony for Jessica

"For those of you who have not taken a course, program, or had a meeting with Jessica, now is the time! Jessica is an absolutely amazing personal growth advocate and coach! Her knowledge about growing in one's career to dealing with stress of any kind is some of the best out there. She not only teaches during the sessions but is learning and growing with you. It's not a one way flow of information but a mutual growth and development during her classes. I highly recommend any classes with Jessica! Sign me up!"

Alexandra B.

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