Many women are trying to navigate the unrealistic expectations the world has placed on them.

Women who have been taught, consciously and unconsciously, to put themselves last, to push until there is no more, and to suppress their feelings to keep everyone else happy.

This often leads to overwhelming emotions, burnout, and layers of guilt, self-criticism, and resentment. Along with feeling so disconnected from yourself and what you want in life.

Systems have been created that ignore our needs, tell us not to feel big feelings, and teach us productivity is more important than feeling good, or feeling anything besides productive.

These systems not only ignores our needs, it's a system that tells us our needs don't matter, that they're not important.

We heal the system by unlearning old paradigms and programming. The key is remembering our true Self. We do this by listening to ourselves, honoring our needs, and giving us what no one else could, unconditional love and acceptance.

As remember to love ourselves the space to more fully love others is opened.

We are the answers to our own prayers, we can heal the world for ourselves, our children, and generations to come, one step at a time.

Welcome to the school of unlearning... here we inspiring women to reconnect, reclaim, and reprioritize their Self through holistic and spiritual practices.

"This program has done more for me than I could ever imagine. My self-worth is better, my marriage has improved, I'm a calmer/more patient mother and I'm much better at communicating my feelings with my family and friends. When I get upset I'm kinder to myself and overall I'm learning to be my own best friend. This program has opened my eyes to seeing that it's ok to put myself first, and love myself while doing so."

- Kristina P.

Mother of 2,

MeFirstNow Program Graduate

Hi, I’m Jessica

In 2013, with a five month old, pumping, and late nights coupled with the demands of a huge corporation became too much, I quit.

I went to work for a smaller company from home. While it was nice to breastfeed during meetings, I took the same overachiever, Type-A, hardworking people pleaser with me to this job.

By 2015, working from home for two years with little boundaries and pregnant with my second I felt more depleted, unmotivated, and overwhelmed than ever before.

It wouldn't be until 2017 that I started to transform my life. Not by choice but through challenge. In 2017, we discovered the baby I held within me, may not live. Made me me questioning everything, including the purpose of life. 

It was during that time I started getting curious about what life was all about, what I really wanted, and I discovered I wanted something different than the life I was living.  

On Cinco de Mayo 2018, I gave birth to a miracle, not one thing wrong with my baby. In that moment I made the commitment to serve as I was so blessed. That commitment led to this school, Love Personal Growth, Institute of Healing and Unlearning. 

I’ve spent each day since Cinco De Mayo 2017 healing, unlearning, and remembering who I truly am, reconnecting with my Self.

This journey took me through courses, retreats, coaching, and more to allow me to heal from the inside out. This journey gave me the courage to quit my six-figure job and live a more fulfilling life. To have better relationships with my husband, kids, family, friends, co-workers, and ultimately, and most importantly, myself.

It allowed me to feel more centered and grounded not getting so overwhelmed with all the work requests, mom request, and never-ending to-do lists. It allowed me more time to myself daily, without guilt, and ultimately it empowered me to live a life in alignment with my true values… authenticity, spirituality, and vulnerability.

Empowering women to reclaim their true self and have more self-love, self-worth, compassion, and clarity than ever before.

This journey gave me the confidence to support women who are overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, and exhausted and guide them within to transform their lives. To have more love, compassion, and time for themselves with less guilt, resentment, and burnout and give them the tools and strategies to support overwhelming feelings. So they can feel more like themselves again.

I created this institute for you, for love, and for healing.